How much do concrete pump operators get paid?



Are you interested in becoming a concrete pump operator? Do you want to know what they do and how much money they make? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then keep on reading. A pump operator is the person that is responsible for transferring liquids, gasses and other materials into and out of various vessels in a company. They are responsible for the inspection and maintenance of machinery and will have to troubleshoot and fix any problems and issues encountered.

There are different positions in which pump operators can work and these include chemical operators, tank car loaders, pipeline operators, purification operators and more. However, in order to work in these areas, very specific training and education needs to be undertaken.

It also depends on what type of a pump you are operating: Boom pumps example is below:


A typical day for a pump operator may include monitoring flow meters and tanks to ensure that all is well and working as they should be. They have to keep a close eye on all data regarding the machinery that they are responsible for and will have to report abnormal data. They are also responsible for turning on the valves and turning them off in order to regulate the flow and transference of various substances.

They will need to communicate via phone or radio in order to know when to start and stop the flow of materials. These operators will also be responsible for cleaning and fixing the vessels and will need to know how to use specialized tools in order to do so. Their role is critical in ensuring that the pumps as well as vessels being used are safe to use and are fully functional so that the operations of the company can flow smoothly.

The actual workplace will depend on the type of company that the pump operator is working in. For example, some operators work on construction sites, loading docks, line pump manufacturing companies, warehouses etc. They will need to wear specific protective gear in order to protect them from hazardous fumes and irritants.

The salary of concrete pump association states operators would depend on a variety of factors, however, the median annual salary is approximately $42,000. The growth rate of this occupation is at 8% which means that it is a good occupation to get into.

In closing, we have just taken a look at pump operators and what they do as well as their salary. If you are interested in this career, be sure to do more research and decide on the specific type of operator you’d like to become.